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Before starting this course, students are required to confirm that he/she has the following prior knowledge:

a) Knowledge of the following management principles and concepts:

  • The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle.
  • The relationship between series of standards
  • Commonly used terms and definitions as given in Management System Standard (MSS).
  • The process approach used in management system.
  • The Model of a Process Based Management System, the structure and content of ISO 22301.

b) Knowledge of the requirements of MSS, which may be gained by completing CQI-IRCA, certified Foundation Training course or equivalent.
c) Objective of attending the training:

  • A Third Party Assessor or Lead Assessor
  • Responsible for undertaking audits of suppliers/subcontractors
  • Responsible for implementing internal audits and audit programs
  • Responsible for implementing series of standards

d) Delegate to pay 100% payment in advance prior commencement of the training.
e) Training will be of 5 days for 9 hours in a day i.e. 45 hours for 5 days including lunch, tea breaks & 2 hours written exam on day 5.


Please acknowledge the receipt and confirm the acceptance of nomination. I understand that in case the persons nominated do not turn up, Aim Vision Safety reserves the right for no refund and there are no liability claims what so ever to be processed to Aim Vision Safety.